Beginning with a second-hand monkey puppet and a stuffed green snake, Caroll has been putting on puppet shows since he was eight years old. Puppets have given Caroll the career he dreamed of as a child--his first television show, which led to Bozo in Boston, and ultimately to Jim Henson and Sesame Street.
Big Bird
Designed and built by Jim Henson and his team as a combination of a puppet and a costume. Caroll created Big Bird's character, and has voiced and performed the Bird since the first episode of Sesame Street in 1969.

Oscar the Grouch
Caroll has also been playing Oscar from the first Sesame show-from inside the trashcan! The puppet has undergone a couple of drastic transformations (he used to be orange) but he has always had the same eyebrows.

Picklepuss & Pop
Seen on Bozo's Big Top in the 1960s and at festivals around the country. Caroll designed both puppets.

Starred on The Judy and Goggle Show with Judy Valentine in 1958.

Mr. Lion
"The fastest draw alive!" Not a puppet, but a walkabout character, Mr. Lion let Caroll use his art skills on television, creating a picture out of a child's name in thirty seconds.